Custom Wood Fibers and Cedar Mulch LLC

Phone: 1-405-745-2270

LCM(loss circulation material)

Custom Wood Fibers is a manufacturer of oilfield LCM's. We provide these products in truckload quantities to drilling fluids companies, wholesalers, and toll blenders. Our main products are:

  1. Cedar Fiber
  2. Directional Drilling Fibers®
  3. Cellophane Flake 3/8" or 1/4" (Drilling Fluids and Cementing)

We have the capacity to produce large volumes of LCM and we are committed to growing to that full production capacity and beyond. We make every effort to anticipate orders to keep lead times to a minimum


Custom Wood Fibers produces limited amounts of 100 Mesh and 20 Mesh (hardwood blend) LCM and we also offer a Cottonseed Hulls/Cedar blend. We welcome inquiries for custom or blended LCM's.

Contact us for packaging details and pricing!

Oilfield operators are encouraged to contact your drilling fluids contractor or wholesaler and request Custom Wood Fibers' products!