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Cedar Mulch

Custom Wood Fibers and Cedar Mulch LLC is proud to distribute and sell aromatic cedar mulch from Eastern Red Cedar Mulch LLC by selling it in bulk by the cubic yard and in 3 cubic foot bags at our Oklahoma City location.

We use Eastern Red Cedar Mulch LLC because they produce the best of the best when it comes to aromatic cedar mulch. We offer their cedar in three colors ( red, brown and black) along with their natural cedar mulch. Our competitors use color to enhance their low-grade mulch. We choose to color cedar so consumers know exactly what kind of material is being used.

There are many benefits to using aromatic cedar as landscape mulch. These include:
Natural flea and tick repellant
Does not float away with large rains
Does not blow away
Has a pleasant aroma
Does not decay quickly
Does not attract termites like other mulches.

Brown cedar mulch Black cedar mulch Red cedar mulch Natural cedar mulch

Our mulch is GREEN mulch which means it comes from nuisance trees By removing them we help the environment.

According to Oklahoma State University's latest mulch study Eastern Red Cedar mulch is as good as our better than other mulches when appearance, usage, soil moisture, soil temperature and weed control were researched
(See Maggard 2008)

Custom Wood Fibers and Cedar Mulch LLC removes cedar trees that have been cut from rangeland to improve grazing, wildlife habitat and water supplies. ERCM also does cedar tree cutting on the side. Our company uses both shear and a saw to cut down trees, and leaves a maximum of a two-inch stump. However grinding is our main focus as we try to help Oklahoma control the ever-growing cedar tree infestation. Our product is Oklahoma's natural mulch and all GREEN as we try to help the environment and keep a healthy balance.