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Cedar Mulch

Custom Wood Fibers and Cedar Mulch LLC offers aromatic cedar mulch from its sister company, Eastern Red Cedar Mulch LLC, in both bulk and bags.

There are many benefits to using aromatic cedar as landscape mulch. These include:

  1. Environmentally responsible / Made from nuisance cedar trees
  2. Natural flea and tick repellant
  3. Does not float away with large rains
  4. Does not blow away
  5. Has a pleasant aroma
  6. Does not decay quickly
  7. Does not attract termites like other mulches

According to a 2008 Oklahoma State University mulch study, eastern redcedar mulch proved as good as or better than other mulches when appearance, usage, soil moisture, soil temperature and weed control were researched. (See Maggard 2008)

Cedar Mulch is Oklahoma's natural mulch and it qualifies as a GREEN product.

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